Wednesday, 14 February 2007

They moved the crack

Come on, give it up you demographers! A fairly cursory bit of Googling of "fifty is the new thirty" reveals that market researchers, sociologists and commentators struggle to assign attributes to people by their age. One of the effects of the democratisation of the media through blogging, citizen news, social media - call it what you will - is that people group themselves (as opposed to being grouped by analysts) around shared interests, not how old they are. Now, this cheers me because it mirrors some of my own experiences. I share interests with people of all ages - with my 15-year old nephew's taste in music, with my father's interest in history and politics, with my 92-year old neighbours interest in the local history of our street. The internet allows me to share my interests with, oh, many tens of people. Should I be worried? Perhaps the title of my blog suggests the same outdated way of thinking. Hell, no. I just read today that baby-boomers have grandchildren. Wah?

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