Monday, 29 January 2007

Don't call me baby boomer

I was never quite sure whether I was a baby-boomer or not. I've never met anyone who described themselves as one. So I don't hang out with 'boomers, clearly. I wiki'd it, and the definitions range, within the broad scope of "post war" (WW2), from 40s infants to 60s kids.
But 'boomers are supposed to be reaching retirement age now. That's not me.

Let's say you're born in 1949. You were 17 in 1966 - that decade's peak. You love the Beatles. You wore flares. I was born in 1959. I was 17 in 1976 - the glorious year of punk's birth. I love The Clash.

But, yes OK, I loved Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, God even Uriah Heep. I felt I was supposed to love Cream and Dylan and Jefferson Airplane, because my older brothers' older mates' older brothers did. But I really preferred Roxy Music, Bowie, T Rex.

I still love Zeppelin. Of course. But I burnt my flares in 77. I sold my Pink Floyd and Heep albums.

So don't call me baby boomer.

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